Tajima Embroidery Format (.dst)}

  • Stitch Only Format.
  • Basic Read Support
  • Basic Write Support
  • Well Tested Read
  • Well Tested Write

.DST (Tajima) embroidery file read/write routines Format comments are thanks to [email protected] who’s notes appeared at under Tajima Format.

The header seems to contain information about the design. Seems to be ASCII text delimited by 0x0D (carriage returns). This must be in the file for most new software or hardware to consider it a good file! This is much more important than I originally believed. The header is 125 bytes in length and padded out by 0x20 to 512 bytes total. All entries in the header seem to be 2 ASCII characters followed by a colon, then it’s value trailed by a carriage return.

Uses 3 byte per stitch encoding with the format as follows:

T01 and Tap appear to use Tajima Ternary.

Where the stitch type is determined as:

  • Normal Stitch 00000011 0x03
  • Jump Stitch 10000011 0x83
  • Stop/Change Color 11000011 0xC3
  • End Design 11110011 0xF3

Inclusive or’ed with the last byte.

Note that:

  1. The max stitch length is the largest sum of 1+3+9+27+81=121 where the unit length is 0.1mm so 12.1mm.
  2. The coordinate system is right handed.


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