Core Development Team #

Embroidermodder 2:

Embroidermodder 1:

History #

Embroidermodder 1 was started by Mark Pontius in 2004 while staying up all night with his son in his first couple months. When Mark returned to his day job, he lacked the time to continue the project. Mark made the decision to focus on his family and work, and in 2005, Mark gave full control of the project to Josh Varga so that Embroidermodder could continue its growth.

Embroidermodder 2 was conceived in mid 2011 when Jonathan Greig and Josh Varga discussed the possibility of making a cross-platform version. It is currently in active development and will run on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Raspberry Pi.

All Embroidermodder downloads are hosted on SourceForge.

The source code for Embroidermodder 1 has always been hosted on Sourceforge.

The source code for Embroidermodder 2 was moved to GitHub on July 18, 2013.

The website for Embroidermodder was moved to GitHub on September 9, 2013.